By Hanna House
Staff reporter

College is not only for learning about your desired field, it also serves as an aid to become more independent and learn what it is like to live away from the comfort of your family. Choosing what dormitory to live in is a big decision that should be well thought out before making a final choice.

The two residence halls that are most sought after are Reid Hall and Warren Apartments. Reid is usually the preferred choice for sophomores moving out of either Cole Hall or Wallingford Hall and Warren is for primarily juniors and seniors.

In Reid, you get to choose three other people to live with and are given a dorm room with essentially three rooms inside. There is a living area and two separate rooms. The space is open and a good size for four people. There are also a couple rooms in Reid that house just two people and are considerably smaller with a living space and one bedroom. One downfall of Reid is that it has only two washers for all its’ residents.

Warren apartments have a living area and full kitchen on the main floor and two bedrooms with two bathrooms. Many students, like Caitlynn Harris, biology senior, choose to live in Warren because of the full kitchen. Besides Honors Apartments, Warren is the only residence hall with a kitchen. Being able to cook all your meals means you do not have to rely on going to the cafeteria to eat so if you live in Warren, you are no longer required to purchase a meal plan.

“It is pretty nice. It is nice I don’t have to purchase a meal plan and can cook all my meals,” said Jacqueline Erlanson, accounting junior. “There are two bathrooms and that’s really nice. It is just a lot of space.”

Cole, Broadhurst, Wallingford and Shriwise are the dorms closest to where classes are held and the library but Harris says it really doesn’t affect her being farther away in Warren-it just adds a couple minutes to the walk to class. Others, like Erlanson, say it is too far to walk when the weather is bad and finds herself driving to class.

Although Reid and Warren seem to be popular choices, some choose to live in Wallingford, Sutton, or Broadhurst. These three dorms are all suite styled rooms. There are two rooms connected by a bathroom to share with the room next door. Wallingford and Sutton are both rooms for two people and Broadhurst residents have a room to themselves.

“The rooms are pretty good. The room size is good for one person and you only have to share the restroom with one other person,” said Luiz Reyes, business administration senior.

Reyes said he likes the diverse atmosphere in Broadhurst and the fact that there are four washers available.

Jordan Romines, business junior, lived in Wallingford for three years for a couple different reasons.

“One, it is the cheapest housing on campus, two, it is the simplest housing option on campus,” said Romines.

Romines says his busy schedule doesn’t allow him time to cook, so it is convenient being able to go to the cafeteria for meals. Even though his room isn’t the nicest on campus, it gives him somewhere to sleep and that is all he says he needs.

Students who are not 20 years old and of junior status are not allowed to live off campus or in Warren. If you are not 20 years old and a junior but want to live with your friends in Warren that are, you can appeal to the Residents Life Office and set up a meeting with the director to try to explain why you want to live there.

Prices between housing options vary from $1600-$2375 per semester for double occupancy halls that require a meal plan. Apartments without meal plans range from $2850-$2900 for double occupancy per semester. Private rooms are available but cost considerably more.

Housing sign-ups will be the week of April 6 and is accessible through SelfService. For more information about on campus housing, go to

Hanna House is a sophomore majoring in communication. You can email her at