By Maggie Collett
Staff reporter

Many students are finally settling into the rhythm of the spring semester but campus life is already busy preparing for the fall semester. Most students don’t have to worry about figuring out next year’s housing until April but for students considering being a resident’s assistant, applications are already out.

RA applications are available in the residence life offices located in Sutton. Applications are due back by Feb. 18 and the hall staff will be announced March 4.

“RAs get a private room for the price of a double,” said Sarah Hallinan, director of residence life. “Wallingford has the best RA digs because they have an actual apartment with a kitchen.”

Although Wallingford RAs might have the better setup, all the rooms are similar in size.

“Broadhurst and Wallingford are close, as well as Sutton,” said Hallinan. “Cole is a little bigger than Wallingford. They’re all comparable.”

Students who are currently RAs are in it for reasons other than room size and privacy.

Kindell Copeland, athletic training junior, said she wanted to be an RA because she wanted to be more involved around campus.

“I wanted to help freshmen with the transition,” said Copeland. “I like being someone that freshmen can come to if they need anything.”

RAs spend a week before students move in preparing for the new semester.

“The week before school started, Katie [Bipes] and I pretty much owned the building. We drove Jenn [Nicholson] crazy basically,” said Copeland.

Katie Bipes, nursing junior, said she enjoys being an RA because of the sense of community.

“I get to know a lot of people on campus,” said Bipes. “I get to talk to some higher up people that I probably wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for this. I always have them to give me advice. It’s good to have people like that there for us.”

RAs also have duties in addition to being there for the residents. They work on a system where certain activities earn them points.

“We have to earn twenty points per semester,” said Bipes. Points can be earned by putting up bulletin boards, making door tags, or planning programs such as cookie decorating or movie night.

Each RA also is on duty one night per week and typically on duty one weekend per month.

 “We have a lot of programs and we have to be on duty,” said Bipes. “But it’s definitely worth it.”

Maggie Collett is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at