By Dalton Carver
Staff reporter

Internet is a strong necessity for a college campus. Comments and opinions regarding the campus internet connection continue to escape the lips of students throughout the college.

The majority of issues seem to be occurring in Warren apartments, outside of normal residence halls. “We not only encounter problems when trying to buffer videos, we have trouble simply loading web pages,” said Zach Castor, biology senior. “It usually takes at least 3 minutes to load a simple web page, and then when I want to navigate through the website, it may take another 3 minutes or so to go to the next page.”

However, the issues aren’t contained just within using the World Wide Web. The school email also seems to be suffering from problems with the connection. “We also have trouble sending e-mails. It takes a few minutes for a simple e-mail message to send,” said Castor. “I’m not really sure if the problem is because my room is far from a router or what, all I know is that it seems to be a lot worse in my apartment than anywhere else on campus.”

Despite these problems, the internet connection as a whole is not unsatisfactory. “I guess the main thing is basically just that I’m not really disappointed with the overall Internet quality at SC,” said Castor. “ I’m actually happy with the connection I get in the library and the academic buildings.”

Repairs were made about two weeks ago throughout the various residence halls, shutting down Internet service for students over a short period of time. “I was in the library during the disconnection,” said Colin Baker, English junior. “It affected me when I got back because I couldn’t Skype with my friend back home.”

Baker, who currently resides in Broadhurst Hall, noticed a bit of a difference with the connection. “Yeah, it is a little faster, but not by much,” Baker said. “I always have at least four bars on connection bar, when it only used to be one.”

“Before the repairs, I couldn’t watch any football matches and videos on YouTube would take forever to download,” said Baker. “It was just slow.”

“I’m just happy that the school is finally trying to make strides in getting us better Internet,” said Baker. “We pay a lot to go here every year, so the least they could do is to get us the best connection possible.”

Dalton Carver is a freshman majoring in communication. You can contact him at