Above: Connor Wolfe retrieves the bags in his game of corn hole. (Jonathan Lane/Staff photographer)

By Jonathan Lane
Staff reporter

Housing and Residence Life hosted a Field Day event on the Sutton lawn on Sept. 15, though attendance seemed hesitant.

“Typically, Residence Life puts on several events throughout the year, but because of COVID, we’re limited in what we can do and what we can offer”, said Kaleigh Richardson, Assistant Director of Residence Life.

An event like this takes a fair amount of time and planning on the part of those in charge and has a fairly long incubation process.

“I think we talked about it three weeks to a month ago, and we talked about what events we could have outside to include social distancing”, said Connor Wolfe, Wallingford Hall Director and Intramural Coordinator.

The games offered and set up included, badminton, ladder golf, and corn hole.

When asked about COVID regulations Richardson said, “From our understanding and research of COVID, it’s much more breath based and airborne. We’re just making sure everyone is wearing masks and socially distancing… But we didn’t have any plans to sanitize.”

“We did realize tomorrow is assessment day”, said Wolfe. “So, we might try to set up tomorrow”.

The plan currently is to have the field day again on Sept. 16 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

When asked if he would go, Liam Cunningham, freshman English education student, said, “Personally, no… I feel if they do it more than once that’s definitely pushing it even more than we are.”

When asked if there was a fear of the decision to have a Field Day event with COVID cases on campus, Richardson stated, “We don’t think so because we are being cautious and because we are masking and social distancing. I feel the riskier behavior is not being outside and being in closer-quarters with a lot more people.”

“Being inside, close-quarters, not masking, those are our major concerns”, said Wolfe.

If the event happens again, students are encouraged to take precautions and social distance with their masks.