It seems as though Reggie Bush, National Football League running back for the New Orleans Saints, has got himself into quite a fiasco. The professional football player is currently on the brink of having his Heisman Trophy, which he won in 2005 when he played for the University of Southern California, stripped from his possession. The allegations against Bush are that he accepted bribes from sports agents, while atttending USC during his Heisman campaign.
Think of what it would be like if a fall athletic team on campus got into a similar controversy. Imagine if there was an issue that happened that triggered enough attention that consequences were inevitable. What consequences would certain athletics face?
We know that not only individuals, but the entire team can be punished. I don’t care to talk about suspensions, ineligibility to play in a conference tournament or any serious punishments like that. The punishment should be a little more imaginative.
First off, I think we all know that a great form of torture for us all would be to take away the brand new Richard L. Jantz Stadium. If that were to happen I get the image in my head of a mother and father taking away a massive toy train set from their 50-some children after one time playing with it.
The cross country teams certainly have a lot of championships that could be taken from them if they ever got into a bad situation, but that seems harsh. My guess is that if the cross country team went out of line, it would give the administration an opportunity to ban the odd short shorts that the men wear. Although they must be extremely comfortable, it is not the prettiest site to see when the team runs by during practice.
In some situations in soccer, it is strategic to kick the ball out of bounds intentionally. Therefore, the worst thing that could happen in a soccer game is to take away the people who get the balls once they are kicked out of bounds. I apologize, but I laugh to myself every time I picture a soccer player booting the ball out of bounds and then standing around like, “Well, I’m not going to go get it.”
As for golf, you have to realize that not a lot of people find golf the most interesting sport. I personally think that if it involves strategy and athletic ability, then it is interesting to follow. Let us imagine that the golf team got in to trouble and could no longer use their golf clubs to play. I can just see one guy out on the green hitting the ball with a baseball bat and another with a broomstick. If it was me I would go for the crowbar. That curved end might get you some more air.
Volleyball was a tough sport to think of, to take something precious. In the end, I settled with the net, making it so that every play is pretty much a spike. I am pretty sure there would have to be some new pads made specifically for a volleyball players face if that happened.
Even though it might seem a little comedic to think of all the non-existent ways to punish a sports team here at Southwestern, the point is something much more serious. Whether you are a student athlete, a professional sports figure or an average student like me, we all have an image to uphold.
Clinton Dick is a freshman majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail him at