By Hayley Weston-McClain
Staff reporter

Dr. Jackson Lashier joins the faculty as the newest religious studies professor. (Dalton Carver/Collegian photographer)

Dr. Jackson Lashier is the newest professor of religious studies on campus.

Lashier came to Winfield from Milwaukee, WI., where he earned his doctorate at Marquette University. Previous to that he attended Asbury University for his master of divinity and Iowa State University for his bachelor of arts in English.

Ashley Alley, campus minister, went to Asbury with Lashier. “Knowing how much she loves it here helped me to know that it was a good place,” said Lashier. That was an important factor he considered when he started applying to small colleges for teaching positions.

After being offered the position here at Southwestern, his wife Julie and two daughters made plans to move to Winfield.

Lashier said that he loves being a dad and spending time with his four-year-old Ruthie, and 14 month old Rachel. He also said that his family is starting to settle into life in Winfield, and are finding people they can connect with.

When asked if he liked it here so far he said that he doesn’t like it very much, as he spoke a smile came across his face then he quickly changed his answer to say that he does like being here. He is surprised at the diversity on campus shown in the activities and varied interests of the students.

“School pride is something the students and faculty have a lot of around here, which is really great and hard to come by at a small school sometimes,” said Lashier. He has an opportunity to share in the school spirit by being a judge for the homecoming parade next Saturday.

Hayley Weston-McClain is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at