Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

Come March, two words come to mind … spring break.

The idea to hit the road and take the mind off school is getting close as students wait patiently for a time of relaxation and for a week free of homework.

Josh Plummer, business administration senior, said he begins the process for planning a spring break trip in January. “That is, if you plan on going to a big travel destination and where rooms are limited. It allows you time to get friends and family plenty of time to know their schedule and to begin saving money,” he said.

Plummer said he usually bases his travel on transportation, activities and cost.

Plummer will be traveling to Lake Havsau City, Ariz. “It’s a huge spring break spot out west, plus it’s only two hours from where I live,” he said. “For one, it’s close to my hometown, two, it’s cheaper to stay with family.”

Morgan Constantine, digital arts junior, said she also thinks January is the best time to plan for a spring break trip. “That way you can get all the details and know how much you have to save up,” she said.

This spring break, Constantine will travel with Amy Buxman, accounting junior, and Katie Gomez, communication senior, to Colorado.

Buxman said she didn’t have a strategy for planning her trip. “We didn’t want to do anything big or extravagant, so we could save our money for a trip this summer,” she said. “I chose to go on this trip because I knew I would have a blast being with my best friends and I love Colorado.”

Although spring break is a time to travel and leave campus, a group of students will experience this time of the school year a little differently.

Morgan Stacy, biochemistry senior, is on the softball team. Members of the team have to practice and play games. Stacy said she still gets to go on spring break.

“Usually we take a trip someplace I have never been. For example, last year we went to Springfield, Mo., and this year we are going to Nebraska,” she said. “A lot of people wouldn’t consider this a ‘spring break,’ but I certainly do.”

Stacy said she enjoys her spring break because she gets to be with her team and play softball. “In my opinion, playing in a softball tournament, in a place I have never been before, is the ultimate spring break,” she said.

While students are excited to travel, they consider spring break a stress reliever.

“Usually by this time of the semester I am really burnt out on most of my classes,” said Stacy. “Spring break provides a week of relief from school and a chance to have some fun.”

Plummer said he thinks it’s important to go on a trip to help “get away” from school, sports and other stresses. “Plus it’s nice to see family and friends,” he said.

Constantine said she uses spring break to change up everyday life by doing something new. “It gives you a nice relief for a week and to not care about anything except where you are and who you are with,” she said.

Buxman also said she thinks it’s important to have a break. “It’s bonding time for you and whoever you’re with. You get to see other parts of the country that are usually prettier than Kansas,” she said. “Traveling during spring break gets you away from the mundane routine that comes with school and it’s refreshing to get away from everything for a while.”

Alejandra Rojas is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at