By Shawn Morris
Staff reporter

Relationships play a huge role in our lives, especially romantic relationships, or the lack thereof.

Everyone has their own feelings and opinions on relationships, but fortunately for you, reader, I am here to share my opinion with the public.

Relationships are difficult, complicated, and quite honestly the most enjoyable aspect of life if you are blessed to be in the right one. Being in the right relationship makes life considerably more fun and fulfilling.

Like most teenagers, relationships defined my middle school and high school years. We’ve all been through our little heartbreaks and been in our feelings because of a crush. These moments, as well as the awkward dates and first kisses, defined our teenage years.

Personally, I was in love with my best friend for four years and kept getting friendzoned, so you can imagine how often I was in my feelings. I look back on those times with amusement, but in the moment, it felt like the world had turned its back on me.

As we got older, our relationships evolved as well. We were able to date for longer. Hopefully, the relationships were less awkward. We were able to connect with our partners on a deeper level, and began to give actual thought to our futures together.

Being grown up, living with our partners and getting married were all rapidly approaching. What had felt like an eternity away was suddenly just a few years from being upon us. Thus, we entered into college.

If high school was checkers, college was a game of chess. It is already a major adjustment having to balance new classes, athletics, living on your own and attempting to have a social life. Add in members of the opposite sex, plus everything that they are having to balance, and it becomes overwhelming.

I do not know if it is like this for everyone, but the hardest part for me is finding and meeting new people. It seems easy enough in theory, but putting it into practice is another thing altogether.

Like I explained to my grandparents the other day, there isn’t one specific place where everybody goes, like the skate rink or the drive-in, like they had back when they were younger. The closest equivalent we have is the mall, but unless I am just doing something wrong, it is hard to meet new people there.

Now, I know that there are dating apps, such as Tinder and Bumble. However, these generally do not work if you are looking for a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I matched with one person who I am interested in, and who shows mutual interest. We will see how that goes though.

The vast majority of times, both from personal experience and anecdotes, you won’t have much success with finding someone from a dating app. The only example I know of personally is my favorite cousin who met his girlfriend on Tinder a while ago. Fingers crossed, I will be the second example.

Obviously, I want a relationship and to love them as a general rule, but I understand that some people are very different. Relationships are definitely not for everyone.

There can be an countless number of factors that could cause a relationship to not work, which scares people off. There is something uniquely scary about opening up and making yourself vulnerable to somebody else. But a lot of times, it is necessary to take that chance.

How can you have a lasting relationship with someone if they don’t even know the real you? One of the most common reasons relationships don’t last is because of a lack of communication. This can lead to so many other things, like misunderstanding, lack of trust, and hurt feelings.

There is a reason so many people say communication is the most important part of any relationship. This is not say that communication is the same for every couple.

What may look unhealthy to some people could be working just fine for another couple. To me, that is the beauty in relationships. It is just two people journeying through life together.

We all handle things differently and have our own unique way of living life, but combining our life experience with someone else is a bond that is unique to relationships.

As I said earlier, relationships are the most enjoyable aspect of life. In the right relationship, every part of your life gets enjoyed. Even if we strike out a lot, which I definitely do, the goal and hope of finding the right person makes every mistake and misstep worth it.

I never say a relationship failed, no matter what happened in it, because there is always a lesson to be learned. So no matter how many times I mess up or get my heart broken or anything like that, I will always keep trying because the end goal is worth it.

Shawn Morris reported on this story from his home in Little Elm, Texas.