ABOVE: George Hindman is the data management specialist that works in the registrar’s office. She is a very vital part of what goes on at Southwestern. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)

By Raul Orozco
Staff reporter

George Hindman is a name that many will not recognize around campus, although she holds an important role in every student’s academic life.

Hindman lives out by Winfield Lake. She lives with her husband Bob and her eight-year-old granddaughter Isabella. She has two daughters and a son, Trisch (36), BJ (34) and Samantha (32).

Hindman is a data management specialist and she works at the registrar’s office.

Her favorite place in Winfield is her house, which resides by the lake. She said, “The stars are gorgeous, especially since there are no lights around where I live.”

Hindman’s has a special thing to do after her work hours. She has an eight-year-old granddaughter that attends Burden Elementary as a second grader. Isabella, or Bella for short, was born in Wichita. She is in the care of Hindman and her husband Bob.

Hindman says that she doesn’t do much other than spend time with her. “She is such a special little girl. She’s very artistic.” Bella loves to sing and play videogames. Hindman also said that Bella loves her family very much.

Hindman’s pronouns are often confused with that of a male’s, something that her husband chuckles at when asked about. Her real name is Marlyce and George is a childhood name given to her by her mom. When asked about the reason behind the nickname Hindman said, “Around the age of three, I wasn’t paying attention and ran into a tree. My mother then began singing a tune that said George, George don’t run into that tree.”

Bob and Amanda McKimson (Registrar) were both asked three words to best describe Hindman. Bob described her as joyous, loyal, and laughter. He also said, “She is the best thing to ever happen to me”.

McKimson described her with passionate, loyal, and honest. She said, “She is just really hardworking and she’s really great with students, and that’s a shining quality about her.”

One common thing that both McKimson and Bob agree upon, is that Hindman loves to laugh. “She likes to laugh and have a good time” said McKimson.

When finalizing the interview with Hindman she exemplified her passion for her job. “The registrar’s office is the one stop shop for transcripts, academics, and anything to do with graduation.”

Hindman is one of the many people in Southwestern that commit to important roles that keep things running smoothly around campus. McKimson finished off by saying, “I really appreciate how student-centered she is and that she is willing to do what is best for them.”