By Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

If you dream of attending the Oscars but in reality fail to do so, be happy because the Performing Arts division is organizing one just for you. They call it “The Red Carpet.”

The Red Carpet concert is an annual event intentionally planned as the last concert of the semester to wrap up the whole school year. Melissa Williamson, instructor of music & flute, said that the concert has been performed for many years now. “It has been a tradition that Christopher Schmitz started.”

For Justin Williams, elementary education senior, this will be his last time attending the event. He said, “I like the music. I also like to dress up and take pictures with all the elegant attire.”

Williams attended the previous Red Carpet and enjoyed himself. “I plan on going this year as well. It’s a great chance for some people to see their professors in a different light,” said Williams. He recalls his professors cracking jokes on stage last year.

Similar to the Oscars held at Hollywood and Highland’s Kodak Theatre in California, the band will be playing music while clips from selected movies are played to add visual interest.

Sports movies will be the theme for this year’s Red Carpet. Jimmy Leach, assistant professor of music, is the primary script writer. He said, “There are not that many band scores that have been transcribed from sports movies, so we’ve had to stretch our concept of sports.” Leach and his team have invented new sports categories such as Roman blood sport for the movie “Gladiator”, hot air ballooning for the movie “Up”, cooking for the movie “Ratatouille”, casting spells for the movie “Harry Potter” and many more. “I expect it to be an enjoyable show because of the familiar nature of movie music and having the video for each movie playing will be especially interesting,” said Leach who will be conducting the band.

Concessions will be sold and door prizes may be won to add interest. Williamson said, “The main objective is to have a fun, relaxing night of music.  We invite faculty and staff to participate throughout the night. We give away prizes and much more.” Williamson will play in the flute section.

Students and faculty have been preparing for the event since spring break. “Our band students have really been through the wringer this semester. We had three band concerts in 17 days back in February, plus most of the same students were tied up six nights with ‘Chicago’,” said Leach.

The Red Carpet will begin at 7:30 p.m., April 29 at the Field House.

Jonathan Woon is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at