By Bradley Cagle
Staff reporter

We’re living through a pandemic. This has forced businesses to shut down and change how they operate.

COVID has prevented most from going out and socializing through activities like going to the movies or walking in the mall with friends.

However, this situation has presented more opportunities for others to find outdoor activities to help them get through the day.

“I have been doing a lot more of walking and running around my neighborhood lately,” said Tamara McEwen, associate professor of biology.

With a lack of indoor recreation, McEwen has taken the time to focus on her health and fitness.

She also mentioned ideas such as going on a picnic, hiking and even enjoying a nice outdoor meal at College Hill Coffee.

“Although we are not in a high risk area and things such as schools and stores are still open, we just have to trust that everyone is doing their part in staying safe from this virus,” said McEwen.

Bobby Smith, director of application systems, provided good ideas for what we can do to occupy our time outdoors during this global hiatus. Smith’s main hobby is going cycling with buddies.

“Winfield is a very nice place to cycle with many trails and back roads with scenic routes to enjoy,” said Bobby.

If interested in cycling or running and would like to find new places and trails to go to, you can reach out to him at

Smith also recommended many outdoor sporting activities that can still be played such as the recreation center, located at 624 College Street, and playing pickle ball or even finding a local disc golfing course.

If fishing is your forte, then you are in luck because according to Neal Gugelmeyer, a southwestern student, there are many options when it comes to fishing locally.

You can go to Island Park, Winfield Lake, Cowley County Lake, or even private farm ponds to go fishing. In addition, there is also the option to find rivers or creeks around town to go noodling.

Noodling is is catching big catfish with your bare hands. If you’re in for a thrill, then make sure to look into that.