Scott Olney
Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, Dec. 4 students held a reception from 4 pm to 6 pm to mark the opening of their art display in the President’s Gallery. Student work from this semester will be on display and for sale until December 10. The gallery is a compilation of works created by students as they explore a variety of artistic mediums including painting, ceramics, stained glass, and photography. The gallery displays what students learned and worked on during their semester courses.

“With the beginning students, we really focus on all of the fundamentals,” said Martha Fitzwater, adjunct professor of art. “With painting, we make sure that students are exposed to three main mediums which include, acrylics, oils, and watercolors. It is always a really exciting moment when students take a step back and look at their work and they start to see the image coming together.”

Southwestern does not offer an art major, instead, students take art courses as electives or to fulfill an art minor. Students such as Benjamin Ekhoff, technical theatre junior, take art courses for fun but also to help learn skills that will help him in his craft.

“With my work in theatre, I am really interested in learning more about scenic painting and I really think my work in Painting I will help,” said Ekhoff. “I have learned so much about melding different colors and I am excited to implement what I have learned on future set designs.”

For other students, art classes are an elective that offers new challenges. Emily Berry, liberal arts sophomore, said the most challenging part of working with stain glass was not being creative but rather the technical aspect of assembling the project.

“The most difficult part was learning how to solder the stained glass pieces together,” said Berry. “Getting started coming up with the design on paper was really fun and easy though.”

All proceeds from the art sale go directly to the student artists. The various pieces are marked with prices.

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