By Elizabeth Ochoa
Staff Reporter

When you walk into the Jinx radio station, it looks like one you would see in a movie. It was remodeled over the summer. A wall was knocked down and carpet was put on the floor and walls. The equipment is all brand new. The setup is different.

Tommy Castor, KSWC faculty advisor, said, “When you’re listening to it in your car the sound is better.”

The estimated cost for renovations ranges from “$6,000-$7,000,” said Tom Jacobs, chairperson of computer science and communication.

“We wanted to make sure that the product they are putting out on the radio was the best possible outcome,” said Castor.

As you walk into the radio station, you will notice how advanced the technology is compared to the old. They tried to make the radio station as similar to a real one as they could. Kyle Killgore, communication senior, said, “I even have to learn some new stuff.”

They are trying to establish “the best possible experience for the students,” said Castor.

Killgor said, “Everything they are doing is leading them to work into a professional radio station.”

Student announcers begin working at the station in Sept. Students who would like to be involved may sign up for the course Comm231 Radio Experience. You can find the station at 100.3 FM.

Elizabeth Ochoa is a freshman majoring in Communication. You may email her at