By Derrick Culpepper
Staff reporter

In the second installment of Daniel Craig’s James Bond, “Quantum of Solace” follows the events of the 2006 film “Casino Royale” where he was first introduced.

In Casino Royale, it was truly his own nature that betrayed him and nearly resulted in his undoing. As an agent in the British Secret Service, trust is a term that gets thrown around loosely and anyone can be betrayed at any moment.

In the scene following the intro, an attempt is made on M’s life. That event by itself triggered a series of events and presented the main character (Bond) as something of a blunt object, as well as a man to do a job by any means necessary. As Bond heads down a dark path and gets allies killed as a result of collateral damage he is forced to re-evaluate himself as an agent and most importantly a man.

For this movie to have taken two years to develop there was not enough ground covered. This is mostly due to the fact that this was in some ways a vendetta. The antagonist made an attempt on M’s life and killed the only person Bond could really trust so any rules of engagement were essentially thrown out the window.  Her majesty’s secret service was at a significant disadvantage due to them just finding out about this large crime organization as the Americans knew about them and worked closely with the leader.

What made the situation even more interesting was some of the members. One is tired of an entire government of a European country. This isn’t groundbreaking or far fetched that a government would have relations with a crime syndicate because it has happened in the real world but in this case, the leader was an individual that had a strong cover in his company and accounts due to funding, backing from several governments and donations from his allies.

He fooled everyone into purchasing a desert thought to be worthless in order to control the water that no one had yet discovered. With Bond hot on his trail, he could not afford to make any mistakes especially being this close to finishing the “Tierra Project.”

During a meeting within the crime network, the antagonist quotes “If we want to control the world’s most precious resource.” Now originally Bond thought oil because of the area that the antagonist was trying to buy out.

However, when Bond actually went out to the desert he found a network of caves that lie beneath the desert filled with water. Water that the antagonist knew he could control and use for economical gain. With that being said all parties involved had money and crooked agendas, they were not at all doing anything to help those that needed the water the most.

That is why I think the “Quantum of Solace” is a great example of what those with the resources will do to control others and what they would do to generate wealth and profit.