Lisa Roth

My time at SC has definitely been one that I will enjoy looking back at in the years to come.

The thing I will probably carry with me most is the friendships I have made. Whether they were just friends for a little while, or friends for a lifetime, they were all relationships that I learned from.

I have had some great, and some not-so-great times during college, but they were all worth it in the end.

I also will take with me the knowledge that I was able to complete something that a lot of other people weren’t. I worked hard to earn that walk across the stage in a few weeks, and I am proud of that.

I have met some amazing people, learned some life lessons, and got an education that will help me start the next step of my life.

College is a time of learning both inside the classroom and outside of it, and surviving everything is a testament of strength of character. I really love Southwestern, and will be sad to leave, but also really happy about the experience I have had.

Lisa Roth is a senior majoring in history

Tyler Lampert

The things that I will carry on after leaving SC are vast and enriching.

Through my first three years at SC I learned what it took to “get by” and how to create a vast social network of entertainment while flying below the radar.
Transferring to SC from Florida was a huge culture shock for me and I quickly learned that it isn’t who you know it’s what they know {about you}.

Along the way I made some lifelong friends and learned what it takes to be a man through my time spent on the gridiron. I’ve shared my experiences and learned that you can actually have fun if you know where to look when spending a summer in Winfield.

That was my first three years….after starting the MBA program this last July I quickly figured out how far preparation, diligence and hard work can reflect in the classroom. I had always knew how far those three things would carry in the world of athletics, I just never took the time to do more than “get by” in the classroom.

Once preparation, diligence and hard work was applied to academics my education’s worth became so much more. I will graduate on the 8th of May with a bitter sweet memory of never graduating in our stadium but leaving vast memories of Saturday afternoons in both Sonner and Richard L. Jantz Stadium. I will take my experience off to South Carolina this fall.

Tyler Lampert is a business graduate student.

Alicia Franck

SC has allowed me to build great relationships with people from all walks of life. I will always remember how the mound united the SC community under one mission and one purpose. Mostly I will always carry the maturity and life lessons that college has taught me. If I could tell a freshman anything I would say do not regret anything and live every college experience to its fullest.

Alicia Franck is a senior majoring in marine biology