By Dave Denly

I feel that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is very effective because it focuses on informing people of the dangers of breast cancer. 

Knowing the facts about this disease will allow individuals to detect at an earlier stage which in turn gives them a better chance of fighting the disease and overcoming it. 

My mother is a 20-year survivor of breast cancer and without early detection and the treatments and surgery that followed would probably not be with us today.  Everyone should be very aware of the dangers that come with this form of cancer along with others and be diligent about doing self checks to help with early detection.

Dave Denly is the head women’s basketball coach.

By Matt O’Brien

I think the breast cancer awareness month is very effective.  I was amazed last year during the women’s volleyball game for breast cancer awareness, at how many women present at the game were affected by breast cancer. 

From my perspective, I think athletics plays a great part in cancer awareness with the nation-wide “Coaches vs Cancer” and the “Dig Pink” here on our campus.  It’s great that we’re helping these young adults become more conscious about cancer and encouraging preventative measures.

Matt O’Brien is the head men’s basketball coach