Marla Sexon

The discontinuation of the nursing program will affect the recruitment of transfer students more than it will affect the freshmen we recruit.  80% of college graduates changed their major at least once while going to college; on average college students change their major 3 or more times.  I see this with freshmen whom might be encouraged/pushed by others to pick a major and then they get to college and are able to take a variety of courses that might lead them to other areas of interest.   There are   freshmen here this year that are set on becoming a nurse and this news affects them horribly which is not good.

Fall 2011 freshmen who have committed to SC and have selected nursing are being notified about the discontinuation of the program.  It will be up to these individuals to decide if they will continue with SC.  Many are attracted to a sport or activity and might not have the opportunity to pursue that interest elsewhere so they have a big decision to make.

We have one more class of transfers who can start the program this fall.  After fall 2011, we will lose between 15 and 20 new transfers a year.

Marla Sexon is an admissions counselor

Christine Sheppard

The decision in discontinuing the nursing program has affected me a lot here at SC. I finally felt like I established myself here and felt accepted.   I feel that they should have considered in letting class of 2014 finish out the program since we have started and the incoming freshmen next year not be able to. Not only do the current freshmen nursing students have to think about switching majors but also accept the fact that we may have to focus on our grades being good enough to transfer schools, financial problems, and also starting all over with the friendships that we have developed here at SC somewhere else. My time at SC as made me a whole different person. I have tried new things and befriended people that I would never imagine talking to before and made everlasting friendships. Being a part of the track and cheerleading teams at SC is something that I love and do not feel I will have the same great experience at anywhere else. This by far has been a really hard decision for me to decide what I really want to do and also brings a lot more stress.

Christine Sheppard is a freshman majoring in nursing

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