By Taggart Wall,

Typically, I vote for the best looking candidate. Just kidding.

 When determining who to vote for:

1. I know myself

            I check my values and make sure I know what I believe government should be doing or not doing.

2. I challenge myself on my values and try to be open

            I work hard to read materials from both conservative sources and liberal sources. It makes much more sense to understand why someone thinks different than you do, than to simply ignore them. A person might be surprised how much he has in common with another’s views. The important thing here is to remember to read a lot of information and don’t put much stock into what is said on the nightly news or in an ad.

3. I check each candidates past actions with their campaign words.

            This helps me judge the candidate’s character. If a candidate does one thing and says another, especially if it occurs during an election year…I have found a red flag. But I don’t count them out too quick—just like I can change your mind they should be allowed to as well, as long as they can give evidence as to why.

4. I listen to others and think for myself.

            I listen to others and ask them what they think about a candidate. Have they seen something I missed? Do they think about the candidate in a different way? I try not to just ask my friends either; I try to ask people I know have a different political philosophy than I. Lastly, I think for myself. I don’t listen to the pundits and let them tell me what to think. I remember that I am intelligent and can think for myself about politics. We all can.

Tag Wall is a senior double majoring in philosophy/religious studies and history.