Alex Hopson

I think that the college should take appropriate measures when punishing the students who made the video tape and those that are in the picture. Hopefully the school will not allow those students to attend Yale any longer. Sexual harassment and rape is not an issue that is funny, those that have been in situations like that feel embarrassed and do not like to talk about it because of how serious it is. Yale, being an Ivy league school, will show other schools that its sometimes ok to just brush issues like those under the rug when issues like those should be taken more serious because one situation being bypassed can lead to another and another. I am glad for those students who are now bringing charges against the school. I urge other students across the country to do the same if the situation seems to be the same at their school.

Alex Hopson is a junior majoring in pre-law.

Dawn Pleas-Bailey

Issues of incivility are increasing in frequency and severity on college campuses across the country.  As an educational community, Southwestern College does not tolerate acts of sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, and bullying.  If a student of the college community has a complaint of any nature, they should inform a staff or faculty member.  If an employee has a complaint of any nature, they should inform their immediate supervisor or director of human resources.  The specific procedure is detailed in the Student Code of Conduct and Policy Manual (

Southwestern College has worked to be proactive in its response to all sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, and bullying complaints.  It provides student programming throughout the year specifically tailored to help students identify and respond to various types of inappropriate behavior.   In addition, the college fosters an open environment that allows students to feel comfortable in sharing their concerns or issues with any college staff and faculty member.  This open atmosphere provides an effective and safe environment and improves the college’s communication efforts. 

The college trains all employees to take issues of sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, and bullying very seriously.  All complaints must be reported and documented.  Dan Falk, Dean of Students, has been appointed as the school administrator designated to address students’ complaints.  He has been specially trained to determine the severity level and assess the appropriate response for each incident.  All matters are handled with professionalism and strict confidentially. 

As a student, if you are not sure if you have an issue of sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, and bullying, please share it with a staff or administrator that you feel comfortable with. 

If you know of issues related to another student, please remember that it is imperative that the college know of ANY incidents of issues regarding offensive or ignorant conduct.  It is vital as a caring college community that we all share in the responsibility of making sure that our college continues to be a safe productive environment. 

Dawn Pleas-Bailey is the vice president for Student Life.




Dave Helsel

Every sexual assault should be investigated by the college and appropriate law enforcement agencies.  Southwestern College takes allegations of sexual assault very serious.  We cooperate fully with the Winfield Police Department if they are the agency investigating.  There is an advantage to a small college over a larger university in that here at Southwestern we can respond quickly to lessen the trauma already inflicted on the victim. I believe that Southwestern has an excellent record in pursuing allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Dave Helsel is the director of campus safety and security.





Brandon Hessing

The college, and its staff takes these kind of situations very seriously.  The type of allegations that Yale is being accused of is why the Southwestern staff prides itself on being a smaller institution.  It gives our staff the ability to look into these situations personally, because we get to know our students individual and as part of our college so that it would not get to the level described in the article.

Brandon Hessing is the coordinator of Student Foundation.

 Rachel Muth

Sexual Harassment/Assault is a serious problem that is often taken lightly. In the case at Yale University it is clear that what prompted the Federal Investigation is clearly sexual harassment. While there is the issue of what made these boys think that behavior was ok, a very important question is why it took a Federal Investigation before Yale even made any indication that they were aware of sexual harassment. I know that dealing with this issue is not an easy one, but when there is a case of male students walking around campus chanting “No means Yes” and holding signs saying “We love Yale sluts” there needs to be action taken by the university. I believe that the university needs to take some kind of punitive action against the students involved. If they are athletes you could adjust the punishment to take that into accord, or you could have an academic punishment. I cannot say what exactly the punishment should be, but I do know that university officials cannot allow that kind of behavior to happen freely and innocently on campus. If they continue to allow it to happen it will affect their enrollment, and their reputation. Besides that having these kinds of incidents happen unpunished makes me wonder how long it will take before it escalates into a sexual assault. University officials have the responsibility of protecting their students, and by allowing this to go on they have failed at that responsibility. They claim to not tolerate sexual harassment, but in this case they did. It can only make me wonder of how many other cases went by unnoticed or unpunished before it took these 16 students to issue a formal complaint to the federal government.

Rachel Muth is a senior majoring in history.