How do you feel about the Arizona Immigration Law?

By Michelle Vasquez

 To be honest I feel like in some way it’s discrimination. Not all illegal immigrants are bad. There are people who want the best for their families and will try to do anything to survive.
 Plus, now that Mexico’s violence is getting worse ( as I do live in Juarez and it’s scary to live there), people are trying to leave because of the fear for their families and themselves. Especially, those who have no ties to any drug related problems or issues.
 There are people who are innocent and are targets because they have money or have businesses. I feel like this bill is just a lame excuse to get immigrants out of this country.

By Ruben Sanchez

This topic is very sensitive, so I will choose my words carefully. I think this law is very tough, obviously and especially for Mexican-Americans. For someone who was born in Texas and a U.S. citizen, it worries you because of profiling. I obviously match the description of a Mexican person. So it would be very tough not to be upset and hostile if I were to be profiled in this manner, and asked to carry proper identification to prove that I was in fact born in the U.S.  
 Our country has an immigration issue that needs to be addressed and should be addressed. But, at what cost do you alienate your own citizens in order to carry out this law. I don’t know if this is true or if it will in fact happen. I think many U.S. citizens who look Mexican like me will be very offended when a police officer does not believe they are U.S. citizens and arrests them on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant. I think I will leave my opinion at that.