By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

Clinical psychologist Haley Gummelt will speak to psychology majors at 9 a.m. on March 25. She will answer any questions they may have related to the field of psychology. She will speak in Mossman 101 at noon about her work as a clinical psychologist in the criminal justice field.

Carrie Lane, associate professor of psychology, said, “The reason I chose for her to be the first one is because I can’t tell you about how many students come in and want to be a clinician or a counselor or a criminal profiler. They see what’s on TV and think that’s what it is. She is actually doing the job they would do, so it’s a good opportunity for realty to meet TV.”

Gummelt is the first of a series of speakers that will be speaking each semester about different aspects of psychology.

Lane, said “When I say a series my intention is that, if possible, at least one speaker a semester for psychology. The intention is that the students get a good idea from people working in the different areas of psychology exactly what these people do.”

Jordan Hill, psychology junior, said, “I’m hoping to learn a lot about people. I want to learn her methods that she uses.”

This speaking series is a chance for students to pick the minds of successful career holders.

Lane said, “I can tell you about what a clinical psychologist does, but how about you meet with one and see what it’s really like to be one.”

This seems to be a good idea to those attending the event.

Hill said, “What I want to learn is what a therapist job entails and how to get a job like that.”

Hill’s reason for wanting to learn more about therapy is he wants to use drama therapy in his career to help the mentally ill overcome their issues.

“Drama therapy uses theater and drama techniques to help those with social anxiety,” said Hill.

Lane hopes that students learn more about the profession of clinical psychology and get an interesting experience doing it.

The next speaker will be Karl Deisseroth. He has an M.D. and a PhD and is working at Stanford.

His studies are over autism, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. He will be speaking on April 25 in Mossman 101 between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Maggie Dunning is a communication freshman. For more information you may e-mail her at