By Brian Nelson
Staff reporter

Alice Bendinelli

Bill DeArmond

K. Charles Hunter

Jean-Gabriel Jolivet

Allyson Moon

Phil Schmidt

This is a random list of six instructors here at Southwestern College. For some, this is simply a list of names. For others, they are instructors, advisers or friends.

Most importantly these names are individuals, and some college students fail to grasp this. In high school, students commonly condemn certain teachers because they straight out loath them. This is a rather immature act, though some students continue to carry it on to the college level.

Usually a disliked instructor is disliked by select students because they are the ones who enforce the rules and assign the most work. Or perhaps they are too unorganized or are simply too old fashioned for such a “hip” generation. (Note to the current generation: someday your teenage children will be embarrassed to stand in your presence).

All instructors have their own teaching methods, and while some students fail to notice, their peers do indeed learn more about their chosen field of study. Those students who refuse to drop their high school beliefs of “favorites” tend to be like the boulder in the river, stubborn to move with the flowing water.

We’ve all been seated in that certain classroom where that certain someone is whispering about how “dingy” the professor is. Honestly, if they are such a know-it-all, they should stand and take over. But they can’t. Life has not dawned upon them, for they still see themselves as the center of the universe, with everyone and everything continuously revolving around them. Once students realize that there are other people in the world, they will be ready to make it on their own.  And, that does mean that mommy and daddy are not going to pay off the college loans.

Remember, your instructors were once sitting in your position, at a desk with their laptop, or, more likely with paper and pen. They were once students who may have spent more money on books than a car. So, exactly who are they? Ever wonder where they graduated from, or if they have families? Chances are that they have mentioned their personal lives in class. Are you listening? Once students start to acquaint their instructors as individuals, it will be easier to connect with them and possibly easier to learn. If you absolutely hate an instructor, you will not succeed in the class. You are dragging your feet and making it difficult for yourself.

When spring enrollment rolls around, don’t wine about who is teaching the course. Look at it as an opportunity to meet someone new and to gain from that person’s wisdom. They may not be the best instructor in the nation, but they may be the instructor who sets you in the right direction. Look beyond your first impression. You might have more in common with your instructors than you think. If not, talk about the weather. Thunderstorms are forecasted.

Brian Nelson is a junior majoring in English.  You may e-mail him at