By Emily Braudaway
Staff reporter

Dr. Cheryl Rude is the Professor of Leadership Studies here at Southwestern.

Her husband is Martin Rude, Director of Worship Outreach, and they have been married for 36 years.

“I have lots of favorite marriage memories,” Rude said. “One would be Martin writing and recording a song for me.”

Rude had many teachers throughout her life that had the greatest impact on her and her career.

“Dr. Bautista, my high school chemistry teacher loved her subject and loved her students; a great combination for good teaching,” Rude said.

If she was not a college professor, she would be a trip coordinator. She would do this because she loves to travel and is a good planner.

One thing that people might not know about her was that she was in a sorority in college.

One of her favorite parts about her job is figuring out new ways to learn things in the classroom.

Brae Wood, Director of Leadership Southwestern, said, “Cheryl Rude has continued to always impact me so powerfully as a strong female professor who uses her gifts and voice to shape an academic culture full of high standards with rich human interactions.”

Wood also said that “She is brilliant at inspiring people to live in high standards. She also guards groups or teams against low quality experiences seemly just by her presence.”