By Blake Garman
Staff reporter

Student Advisor, Alleigh Allen grew up in and attended Winfield High School.

Although Allen didn’t participate in any sports, she stated, “I had a very big imagination when I was younger and was able to entertain myself for the most part.”

Allen stated, “I began modeling at 17, which is relatively old for the modeling industry itself.”

After beginning modeling, Allen went on to attend Southwestern. Where she got her two degrees in business and digital marketing. These degrees mean a lot to what her career has been mostly made up of.

Allen said, “Those are two degrees, along with real-life experiences, that have helped me with the modeling business. Which helps me to be able to teach.”

After Southwestern, Allen attended the University of Kansas and Cornell. After that is when she began becoming interested in stepping into the business aspect of the modeling industry.

Allen has owned a modeling industry for a few years until recently. While she still owns part of the business, she has passed the majority of it on.

Allen now teaches entrepreneurship, along with looking over Enactus. Enactus is a big part of Southwestern’s entrepreneurial opportunities.

 I had a chance to ask a few of Allen’s co-workers about her character.

Steve Kramer, Assistant Director for Advising and Student Success, said, “She is very kind to others, and she has a big heart for the students.”

As a student of Allen’s, I can stand behind this statement. No matter what I need, I see Allen as one of the people here that I can go to when in need.

Alissa Shephard, first year admission’s advisor, said, “She is the true definition of a Builder. Her dad was a professor here, and she graduated here herself. When it comes to knowing what a Builder is, it’s her.”