By Erica Dunigan
Staff reporter

As piles of laundry build up and dishes are overflowing from the sink, it’s not because students have been busy with homework. That’s not done either. It seems like students have a test every day, and it’s impossible to dig out of all the homework.

Students pile into the library to study for midterms. Attention levels start crumbling away soon after opening their books and seeing all the words on the pages. Not only is it all the reading that students dread, but it’s the different subjects that we may not enjoy but have to take, that makes us procrastinate to get the work done.
Cori Hunt, undecided freshman, said, “I procrastinate a lot with subjects I do not enjoy, especially math and science. If I do not enjoy them, then I don’t care much for them and therefore my attention goes elsewhere.”

It’s easier to procrastinate in college because there are no parents to remind us every night to get are homework done. It is easier to keep putting off doing whatever it is that has to be done when we are surrounded by friends and other campus activities.

“I procrastinate at times because I get easily distracted,” said Esther Hoon, psychology and athletic training major sophomore. “I have a lot of other things in my life that can get in the way. I find myself sometimes not having the right attitude to do it.”

Do not get fooled into thinking students are the only ones procrastinating. Teachers also tend to procrastinate.

Troy Boucher, professor of English, said, “Teachers are just like students. I tell myself that if I grade five papers a day I will get them done, but it ends up being that I grade them the night before I need to give them back.”

Teachers get distracted by reading, crossword puzzles, or just like students, Facebook.

Boucher said, “I find myself wanting to go outside, or go work in the garden, when I’m grading papers at home.”
With procrastination, dangers can start lurking around the corner. Hoon said, “Sometimes when I procrastinate on an assignment I have had to pull several all-nighters, and then I worry because you put it off, and you may not know if you’ll get a good grade.”

Other students are more disciplined when it comes to having a bed time. Hunt said, “The latest I ever stay up is till midnight. I usually plan my time well to get my homework done, so I can get to bed at a decent time.

It might be more enjoyable to put off writing an essay so you can spend time with friends or on Facebook. It may be easier to go to Wal-Mart to buy a new package of underwear instead of doing laundry, but if we could manage our time efficiently then there would be time for work and play.

Erica Dunigan is a junior majoring in professional communication. You may e-mail her at