By Emily Braudaway
Staff reporter

Sharon Krusemark, institutional research specialist, is someone that not very many people know and not a lot of people know her job.

“I report to the government with certain surveys that we have to fill out because it gets us Title 4 funding.”

She also gathers other information from other colleges and does in-house requests for staff and students, but most of the time staff.

Krusemark got the job by presenting in a class for databases and when she presented the final project, the person that was in her position at Southwestern before her was there and she was impressed.

Krusemark then got a student position and went on to be the graduate assistant to get half of her master’s paid for. The lady that was in charge got the school to open a part time position and that is how Krusemark got the full-time position.

Her favorite part about the job is that when a project is finished and the data is all nice and neat, she feels very good about it.

When she was a student, she really enjoyed improve class. She said she loved it because she learned to work with other.