By Inger Furholt
Staff reporter

Valuables can go missing in an instant. Living in a small town and on a small campus makes many incautious. People seem to forget that bad things can happen in small places as well.

Personal security is probably one of the most important things to remember on an everyday basis. Sarah Hallinan, assistant dean of students and director of student life, said it is important to be aware of what you do. “Some students don’t carry their keys because of the new card system, and leave their doors unlocked,” said Hallinan.

The new card system is only in effect in some dorms, but it should help with security for students as well. If a student loses or has their card stolen, it is important to let someone know, so old cards can be deactivated and a new number can be assigned to the student. If a person tries to get into a dorm with a deactivated card, it will come up in the system. This keeps students living in the dorms safe from possible intruders.

When one enters adulthood and moves into a house or an apartment, they have to remember to lock the door and carry keys and, according to Hallinan, it is good to get prepared for early adulthood. “It is important to get in the habit of carrying your keys,” said Hallinan.

Even though students may think that belongings are safe as long as they’re in the dorm, it only takes someone letting one wrong person into a building full of unlocked doors.

It is important to let someone know something that doesn’t seem right. “If there is someone you don’t recognize wanting to get into the dorms, then don’t let them in,” said Hallinan, “If you see something fishy, tell someone.”

Calling security or telling a resident director if something happens is a good first step.

Mychala Money, business marketing junior, unexpectedly had valuables taken from her room a couple of weeks ago. This has resulted in some changes in her daily habits. “I definitely check my door every time I leave to
make sure that it is locked,” said Money. “It is not that I didn’t think this could happen because it can happen anywhere, but I was not expecting that it would happen to me.”

Hallinan said it is important to lock everything, your doors, your windows and your car. And also not leave expensive items out for temptation for others.

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Inger Furholt is a senior majoring in journalism. You may e-mail her at