By Jonahs Joudrey
Staff reporter

Faculty, staff and community members met last night, October 28, to attend a workshop titled “Understanding Poverty”. The event went from 6:15-8:30 p.m. and covered concepts of poverty from the curriculum of Dr. Ruby Payne in an effort to reduce poverty in Winfield.

The material was presented by Danny Johnson. Johnson energetically led the workshop. In crowded Wroten Hall, the maximum capacity of 100 was nearly met.

While the participants appeared to be middle class patrons themselves, they nonetheless appeared inspired. While Johnson led the presentation, members of the audience frequently fired questions and comments turning the discussion more to an open floor type setting.

The workshop itself was for anyone seeking to reach a deeper understanding of how people operate largely from their own set of rules based on the class from which they came. Amy Mcwhirt, college professor, appreciated the fresh perspective that Johnson presented on individuals experiencing poverty.

This workshop is one of the many opportunities for educators and community members to experience the effects and origin of poverty stricken individuals.

Ryan Wheeler, community member, enjoyed the perspective that workshops like these can offer community members. Wheeler said that he has been to other workshops put on by Building Bridges of Hope and they were very eye-opening.

More workshops and seminars will be held in Winfield. For more information, please contact Charlie Hunter, professor of biology, at More Information about future seminars can be found at

Jonahs Joudrey is a junior majoring in communication. He may be reached at