by Maggie Dunning
Features editor

Private or public is the question many men ask themselves before they pop the question to their partner.
I believe that a private proposal is the way to go.

With a private proposal, the intimacy of asking someone to be with you till death do you part becomes the highlight of it.
There are no nosy onlookers or rude people to ruin the mood. It creates an atmosphere of calm.

It eases the pressure and makes the entire process seem more sincere.

Now, what I constitute as a private proposal is that it is done in a location where there are only two people.

That means no restaurants, parks, bridges, airports or even beaches. All of those places have a countless number of people passing through them.

A proposal isn’t about other people seeing it happen. It’s about what’s happening to the couple. Why ruin it with others? All they do is distract and make things awkward.

Just imagine that right as he’s about to pop the question, something you have been waiting for what feels like forever, your waiter comes to ask if you would like more wine.

Not only would that be a mood killer, but your partner might decide that the interruption was a sign that it just wasn’t the right time. Why risk it?

Instead, have a nice private, romantic proposal. That way you can go as cheesy or corny as you want and it won’t be embarrassing. It will be sweet.

You can pull out all the stops or keep it simple. Either way it will be just perfect for an audience of two.

Maggie Dunning is a communication freshman. You may e-mail her at