By Nick Hofmeister
Staff reporter

Social science and Nursing majors looking for a group to join should consider the benefits of Pi Gamma Mu. Pi Gamma Mu, an honor society for nursing and social science juniors and seniors, is looking for new members.

Members of Pi Gamma Mu meet about twice a month at various locations. “The goal right now is to be able to put on some sort of a drive for a charity organization, whether it’s Compassion International, the International Justice Mission or a food bank,” said Aaron Duell.
The group isn’t just activity oriented. Their meetings also include discussions about many different topics. “It can be pretty stimulating when you’ve been studying history for hours and hours and then somebody starts talking about something interesting they’ve learned in psychology or philosophy,” said Duell.

Students who would like to join should be aware that there are some requirements. Only juniors and seniors are allowed to be members, although sophomores can apply to be accepted when they become juniors. Students who are interested in joining also need to have declared a major in Nursing or one of the social sciences. For more detailed information about the application process and eligibility information, students should contact Claudia Geer.

Pi Gamma Mu is a great way to connect with peers, share ideas and gain knowledge. “It connects you with other people who are disciplined that you can interact with on an intellectual level,” said Duell.

Nick Hofmeister is a junior majoring in new media. You may e-mail him at