Bailey VenJohn
Online editor

A t-shirt drive has been going on around campus for a week now. Pi Gamma Mu, the social sciences honor society, is hosting the event for the big event of the semester.

Allie Maffei, psychology senior and Pi Gamma Mu president, explains what Pi Gamma Mu is exactly, “It is a society that is country wide with a bunch of colleges but Southwestern is the founding chapter. It is an honor society for the social sciences which includes history, psychology, and political science. Students have to meet a certain number of requirements such as 20 hours of social sciences, a minimum 3.0 and at least a junior.”

This year the group experienced growth in members with 16 compared to last year’s four.

Ashley Smith, psychology sophomore, is a new member joining just this semester. Smith said she enjoys the freedom of Pi Gamma Mu.

“I really like that we are doing everything and that it is based on what we want to do and how we want to. I know there are people who are in it who didn’t want to participate so they didn’t have to,” said Smith.

As a group Pi Gamma Mu tries to do at least one big event each semester.

“In the past we have done Winfield ghost tours, and prepared trading boxes we sent overseas to soldiers,” explained Maffei.

To put on the t-shirt drive Pi Gamma Mu has teamed up with Mosaic.

Dr. Lane, Pi Gamma Mu Advisor, went on a tour of Mosaic and got the idea for the group. They give tours weekly to raise awareness for what they are.

The t-shirts collected are eventually used to make dog beds.

Maffei explains the process, “They collect t-shirts and the people Mosaic serves with intellectual disabilities stuff the t-shirts with shredded paper and make dog beds. They donate them to the Cowley County Humane Society. For Pi Gammu Mu, it is our way to help out Mosaic and the humane society at the same time.”

So far Smith guessed that they have gathered about 100 t-shirts. STUFU and Leadership have both done their part donating a large amount each.

Once the t-shirt drives end the collecting isn’t over. Pi Gamma Mu has a plan for phase two of the donating.

Besides Mosaic asking for donations for t-shirts, they also ask for art supplies and toiletry items. Smith also added they like donations for bingo prizes because they really like to play bingo.

The second part Pi Gamma Mu has planned is to team up with the other groups on campus such as Green Team, Discipleship, Leadership, Worship Outreach, SGA and Tri Beta.

“The people they serve are on a monthly budget and a lot of times at the end of the month they don’t have enough for the basic things like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, wash cloths, towels. We’re asking each organization to gather a certain item and then we are all going to come together in a celebration and donate it to Mosaic together,” said Maffei.

Besides the t-shirt drive being Pi Gamma Mu’s big event for the semester, the group is also working to put together a few smaller ones. Maffei mentioned small group gatherings for GRE studying and studying in general such as a possible weekly study night.

Pictured above: A box sits in Pam Olney’s office in Mossman awaiting t-shirt donations. Pi Gamma Mu has boxes placed around campus to accept donations.

Bailey VenJohn is a senior majoring in communication. You may email her at