By Ozzie Briesch
Staff reporter

Fur, tails and paws are making their way onto Southwestern College, giving the over stressed, over worked, and over studied a chance to take their mind off of school and pet their problems away with man’s best friend.

For the third time in two years, SGA’s Campus K-9’s is back in full swing during finals week. The doors are open from 10-2 Tuesday and Wednesday in the Student Life Center.

Maggie Collett, Graduate Assistant, has been the brains of Campus K-9’s since it was first introduced spring for Mid-terms.

“I got the idea for Campus K9s after seeing things about a puppy room at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their reasoning was that it lowered stress during finals week and I thought that could be a really cool thing to bring to SC,” said Collett.

The objective of this Campus K-9’s is to provide some methods of stress relief by allowing students to come and interact with dogs from Cowley County Humane Society, as well as some student owned pets, volunteered by their owners.

“This event focuses on some research that was done proving petting and being around dogs relieves stress. Since finals time is one of the most stressful times of the year for us it only makes sense that we have an event to cope with it,” said Taylor Fogle, SGA president.

Students can play, pet or cuddle with the dogs for however long they desire, but are not permitted to roughhouse, feed, or take the dogs out of the room.

The event will feature a variety of dogs, ranging in various sizes and personalities.  Hand sanitizer will be provided outside of the lounge for anyone who wishes to disinfect themselves before or after intermingling with the dogs.

“We have asked the Cowley County Humane Society to bring at least five dogs; we want there to be enough dogs that even at our busiest times so each student can still have a little interaction with a dog,” said Aiden Goodrich, volunteer.

The Student Life Center is located next to the mail room just below the campus cafeteria in Roy L. Smith Student Center.

Come down and play and pet the stress away with two days’ worth of tail-wagers. There will be a donations box outside of the Campus Life for anyone who would like to support the Humane Society. Students can also volunteer to help out with the event by signing up at

Ozzie Briesch is a sophomore majoring in communication. You can email him at