By Hanna House
Staff reporter

Title: Perfect Storm
Director: Wolfgang Peterson
Staff grade: B+

For the men of the Andrea Gale, their love for money, family, and the sea was so strong they would do anything for them including risking their own lives.

The movie “Perfect Storm” was directed by Wolfgang Peterson and was based off the book by Sebastian Junger.

The “Perfect Storm” was written and published in 1997 and was an instant hit. The movie was released shortly after in 2000. The story line is based on true events of a monster storm. Many things happened to the throw the crew for a loop, but they always put their head down and plowed through it. Their love of money and hopes of a better life with their loved ones propelled them forward into the unknown.

This movie is not for the claustrophobic or those who fear the ocean. It will keep you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns every scene. You will constantly wonder about the fate of the crew that seems doomed. There is only so much luck for one ship.

The plot is obviously a rare circumstance of the perfect storm, but many factors go into their getting caught in it. For the most part, it was their love of money and pride that sucked them right in.

My favorite scene has to be one towards the beginning when the crew is talking about their love for fishing. Although there was a struggle getting work started at the crack of dawn, the men got it done because they love to fish. It’s dangerous, time consuming, and hard work but they still love it.

Not only was there terror in the sea, but in the air. With many attempts to save the members of the Andrea Gale, gutsy airmen challenged Mother Nature and put up a strong fight. The story line followed the Andrea Gale but also a small private boat headed to a small island for a mini-vacation. This boat also gets caught in the storm and requires brave airmen to save the day.

The special effects were somewhat cheesy, but good. The wonderful acting takes the viewer’s eye away from what was obviously fake to keep you wondering. During the storm, the black sky and terrifyingly high waves would seem impossible to see, but with special effects doing a noticeable job making the sea visible, the true horror of being in the middle of this storm was depicted excellently.

The cast has many familiar faces including Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney and John C. Reilly. The acting was superb and portrayed the feelings of the time nicely. The range of emotion was widespread, reaching from happy to sad to fearful to love.

I give this movie a B+ for the fact that the acting was very good, but the storyline was not my cup of tea.

Junger will be making a visit to Southwestern College to present this year’s Docking Lecture at 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 5. There will be a screening of his documentary “Restrepo” Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. “Restrepo” was released in 2010 and is critically acclaimed. This documentary was shot by Junger and co-directed by Tim Hetherington focusing on the events in Afghanistan. The duo shot footage of actual events for the documentary.

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