By Keilah Chambers
Staff reporter

Jeremy Kirk, assistant professor of band, is the director of pep band. He directs concert band, percussion and teaches music education. Kirk has directed pep band at Marshal .Kirk was also part of pep band during his schooling years. Kirk looks forward to seeing pep band start and grow at Southwestern, inviting students and some community members to join in the fun.

“I am excited for the students and the fans,” said Jeremy Kirk.

Pep band currently has 14 and kirk hopes that it will grow as the year goes on. The students involved are very eager to get started on homecoming. Making a good enough impression that the pep band will be more involved in athletic events. Kirk hopes that students not only have fun but gain experiences for future job skills from pep band. This is best a goal that that he has his focus.

“Pep band is often a new experience for people. Most musicians are familiar with the sitting and playing in a gorgeous concert hall where they have to be dressed a certain (and usually uncomfortable) way and sometimes only the audience enjoys the performance. In a pep band, we play well known tunes that both the audience and the band members can rock out to,” said Quenton Todd, a percussions player.

Pep band will be playing during one football and basketball game. The choice of music is a variety of classics and some new tunes. A great mix of music from 70s punch to music that came out, that will enhance the game both audience and players. Getting people excited in a way that only live music can. This is not only a fun experience but a growing experience for students. That had brought joy and excitement to game that only a pep band can.

“I really don’t have a favorite or most beneficial part. I think that the entire experience is excellent and any part of it is extremely beneficial. I’m always learning new things from it,” said by Luke Nicolay, a saxophone player.

Pep band helps the school get into school spirit. Adding something to our campus that I am happy to hear will be a part of it again. The first time they will play at is homecoming with the drum line. They band is very eager to get started and play music and have fun.

Keilah Chambers is a staff reporter for The Collegian. You may email her at