By Samantha Gillis
Staff reporter

A toasty delight of brewed java and homemade eats greeted each one of the audience members Friday evening at College Hill Coffee for the debut performance of Peanut Butterfly and Jellyfish Sandwich. The band kick started the night with, “If I fell,” by The Beatles. By the end of the show there was a packed house tapping their toes to the beat of the melody.

Peanut Butterfly and Jellyfish Sandwich is a mix of seven current Southwestern College students and alumni. Hillary Mawia, class of 2008, sings vocals. Vince Putera, class of 2008, plays the bass, acoustic guitar and sings vocals. Budi Taniwan, music senior, plays piano and sings vocals. Isaac Chua, philosophy & religious studies sophomore, plays acoustic guitar and sings vocals. Joel Alexandre, class of 2009, plays the drums. Christie Boote, class of 2009, sings vocals. Jeremiah Roberts, music education junior, also sings vocals.

During the performance Boote announced her second grade class had started a collection for money for Haiti after the magnitude seven earthquake hit last week. Boote read letters from her class to encourage the audience to give some charity. “Dear helpers, Haiti needs your help because they have nothing,” said Boote, as she read from a letter.

Boote explained that the class will be collecting money until mid-March, because she is in contact with a volunteer who is traveling back to the United States at that time, and will deliver the funds personally to the country.  The band isn’t sure if they are going to be collecting for a charitable organization every performance. Boote said, “Perhaps we will in the future, but it just seemed as though the situation was calling us to act now.” They raised $150 to help aid Haiti.

Putera and Mawia were asked to perform by the owner of College Hill Coffee Blenda Hoskinson because she knew of their talent. “We were asked to give a band name up front,” said Mawia. “So Vince just came up with one out of nowhere.”

“Yea, I don’t know why I choose it. I guess it is because everyone eats them as kids, PB and J’s that is,” said Putera.

Even though only Putera and Mawia were originally asked to perform they wanted to ask some of their friends to help them out. “When it is just Vince and I, we aren’t very good,” Hillary said.

“We always enjoyed jamming with our SC friends, so we decided to ask a few of them if they wanted to join. And that is what the band is about, just having a good time and jamming with your friends,” Putera said.

The set was an accumulation of cover songs by the band’s favorite artist. The set ranged from Michael Jackson, “Man in the mirror,” sung by Roberts, to Bread and indie artists like JJ Heller.

“The first song I sung by JJ Heller was “Your hands.” I love her music,” said Boote. The band  chose music that could be sung from the heart and that had a meant something more to them said Boote.

After the performance the band mingled and conversed with the crowd. “I think the night went pretty well,” said Chua after the two and a half hour performance. “There were a few kinks, but we can work them out with more practice.”

“I guess if we had any philosophy about the band, it would be just to have a good time,” said Putera.

Peanut Butterfly and Jellyfish Sandwich’s next performance is April 16 at College Hill Coffee.

Samantha Gillis is a junior majoring in journalism. You may e-mail her at