By Alissa Sheppard
Staff reporter

The fallout of long term former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has become the subject of media frenzy over the past week, and with good reason. You may think that the media is focusing on the right people, but is it?

There is nothing good about a child allegedly being sexually assaulted. To know that over a span of 15 years eight boys endured this, brings pain to my heart. Paterno did the right thing by alerting someone in higher power about the incident, so technically they should be getting some of the attention.

Yes, Paterno’s downfall was not following through and making sure that some action was taken, but he did take the initiative and spoke out about it.

Seeing that Paterno is an amazing coach, winning over 400 games in his 46 year career I think that he should have been allowed to finish out the season. The players did not do anything wrong, so they should not have to suffer and finish out their season without their coach. They lost their first game in over a decade. What a coincidence.

I am strongly against any sexual acts with children, but I feel like if one person takes the fall, all parties should have to fall as well. Was his punishment too much? To me it was taken a little too far. In the back of my mind, I knew he was going to get fired or leave, but after his season would have been better.

The question of what more he could have done will always stick on the mind of anyone touched by this story. Having said that, Paterno’s legacy should not fall on the belief that he didn’t go far enough, it should fall on the idea that he at least said something. In this day and age, saying something is better than saying nothing at all. Paterno should at least get credit for saying something.

Alissa Sheppard is a senior majoring in communication, you may contact her at