Frank Adelman, biology sophomore, throws a frisbee during Ultimate Frisbee play Sunday afternoon. (Inger Furholt/Collegian photographer)

By Will Rosson
Staff reporter

If your Sunday afternoons seem a little boring, maybe it’s because you aren’t playing any Ultimate Frisbee. “It’s an easy and fun way to meet and hang out with people,” said Will Rosson, music education junior. Rosson started playing Ultimate Frisbee in 2008.

The rules of Ultimate Frisbee are pretty simple. There are two end zones on opposite sides of the field, like football. Teammates throw the Frisbee to each other, however, once in possession of the Frisbee, an individual can no longer take steps forward. If the Frisbee touches the ground, the opposite team takes possession where it touched.

“It’s the only sport that you don’t have to take seriously to have a great time and be successful in,” said Tanner Seidel, music performance sophomore.

Students who are interested in playing should show up at the lawn in front of the Warren Apartments. The game starts at 2 p.m every Sunday. “All [students] have to do is show up. No experience is needed since it’s just a casual game,” said Rosson.

“I like that you don’t have to be good to have fun,” said Amy Pierson, nursing senior, “All different skill levels can play. It isn’t complicated. The rules are simple so it’s pretty easy to pick up.”

The game involves strategy and athleticism. The game also has relatively few rules, making it easy to learn. On top of that, “It’s decent exercise,” said Rosson.

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