By Benjamin Whitener
Staff reporter

They brought us “A Hangover You Don’t Deserve,” “Drunk Enough to Dance” and “The Great Burrito Extortion Case.” Now, for our aural pleasure, the Grammy nominated band, Bowling for Soup releases “Sorry for Partyin’.” Packed full of power chord driven pop/punk riffs and sweet harmonies this album is right in line with classic BFS.

Bowling for Soup is a Texas based quartet that formed in 1994. The band members include Jaret Reddick on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Chris Burney on lead guitar and background vocals, Eric Chandler on bass and Gary Wiseman on drums. BFS released their first EP in 1998 on the Denton Texas label FFROE. The album had sales of over 10,000 copies and helped the band get picked up by major recording label Jive Records. Since then, the band has released eight other records with “Sorry for Partyin'” being the most recent.

“Sorry for Partyin’,” released Oct. 13, continues the BFS tradition of music that is fun and pokes a stick at pop culture. The first single for the album is titled “My Wena.” From the title one might think that the song is a musical tribute to the phallus. However, when you listen to some of the lyrics it seems like the song might actually be about someone’s girlfriend named Wena. It turns out that the track is one big sexual innuendo. It is extremely hilarious and the accompanying music video dispels any question as to what the song is really about.

“I Don’t Wish You Were Dead Anymore,” track number five on the CD, opens with a 1950s style piano intro and then breaks into a modernized version of a classic ’50s chord progression. The lyrical content exudes what makes BFS truly great. After breaking up with his girlfriend the protagonist of the story has a new release on life and no longer wishes that his now ex-girlfriend was dead, something that many a guy can relate to.

What would a BFS album be without beer? Here, we don’t have to find out. Sorry for Partyin’ includes the BFS ode to beer, “Hooray for Beer.” Without knowing the title to the song one might be lost as to the subject of the song. The first verse seems like it could be talking about a special girl or something that could be life altering. Then the chorus comes up and we find that beer is the life altering, song inspiring subject.

“No Hablo Ingles,” the second single, gives every student the perfect excuse for why they can’t turn in their homework. If you don’t understand English then you can’t do your homework right? Just say no hablo Ingles. Get pulled over by a cop, no hablo Ingles. While the song has a funny theme it would probably be best not to test out its suggestions.

The rest of the album covers topics in the range of sex, dating, having a good time, bromance, answering machine stalking and hating Los Angeles. BFS brings the humor and the fun, quirky lyrics with this latest release. The album isn’t likely to be named the greatest album of the decade, or even the year for that matter, but BFS delivers as they always do. Sorry for Partyin’, despite its apologetic title, bears no remorse for the crazy antics and fun-loving spirit of the band.

The truly great thing about the album is that they once again get lead guitarist Chris Burney to take off his shirt and pose for the camera. This time it’s for the cover art too. Doesn’t sound like a big deal until you consider the fact that Chris is a very large fella. Chris totally represents for all the big people out there.

The album can be purchased through the BFS website,, for $12 or on also for $12. It is also available for digital download on iTunes for $10.

Benjamin Whitener is a junior majoring in digital arts. You may e-mail him at