By Joshua Eibl
Staff reporter

This semester has been totally different compared to all the other years due to COVID-19. Athletes experience this difference more, because in order to compete this semester, they have to stay in their own bubble and need to get tested frequently according to Mike McCoy, athletic director.

“Our athletes are getting temperature checked daily and are also required to fill out a symptom check before every practice,” said men’s soccer head coach Pond.

“Some schools in our conference don’t test at all and just jump on symptomatic situations,” said McCoy.

“We test our athletes before every game and try to create this little bubble here in Winfield, Kansas.” There is no league protocol that says you have to test and every school is doing what they think is best for their situation according to McCoy.

“We do the best we can do to keep the opponent team away from us but we can’t just say we aren’t playing because of that reasons,” said McCoy.

Saint Mary’s is only playing against colleges that are actively getting tested and which don’t have any positive cases in their team at all. Until this point of the season the men’s soccer team didn’t play a single game.

Saint Mary’s is now saying that they would play a volleyball match if everyone wears a mask whether or not they are getting tested according to McCoy. “Even our players got tested negative they still have to wear a mask during the game because that’s what Saint Mary’s wants to do.”

“A lot of people we test don’t have any symptoms but are positive and probably half of the schools are not testing in our conference. Our president tells us the right thing which is to test,” said Dan Falk, vice president of student affairs.

“We try to make it as safe as we can possibly make it,” said McCoy.