Nisa Muhammad is a business management junior. She presented her positive and negative thoughts onto her artwork as part of the instructions for the project. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Olivia Worsham is a communication freshman. She created a flower of all of the positive things going on in her life right now. (Mallory Graves/Staff photography)Mya Rhone is a biochemistry freshman. She used this time to covey her feelings through her craft. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Micaila Holland is a business management junior. She is displaying her finished product that she worked on at painting night. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Carly Redding, philosophy and religion sophomore, holds up her artwork. She enjoyed taking some time off from studying. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Brandon Murphy, philosophy and religion sophomore poses with his painting. He was relieved after taking part in this fun activity. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Kielee Ferrell is a philosophy and religion freshman. She was glad to be able to express her thoughts onto her canvas. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)

By Mallory Graves
Staff reporter

Michelle Hawkins, liberal arts senior, hosted a Paint Night in the library that was sponsored by the Winfield Art Center on March 25.

During this activity, students were asked to write down all of the things that COVID-19 has taken from them on a canvas. They would then cover it with a beautiful flower of their choice with positive things that they are looking forward to when the pandemic is over.

“The purpose of this event was to serve as a mental health day,” Hawkins said. “I just wanted students to be able to come in and destress from studying or anything else that is going on in their life.”

Hawkins was happy with the turn-out of this event.

“I think it turned out pretty well,” Hawkins said. “I actually got to communicate with some of the students as they were creating their artwork about their personal lives. It felt nice to get to know some new faces.”

Jah’Maizhia Cox, math sophomore said, “This was really just a relaxing night to forget about everything for a bit. Before this, I was stressed about grades and homework, but this just helped me to slow down and take a break. I’m thankful that they did this night and I would do it again.”

Nisa Muhammad, business administration junior participated in the paint night event.

“I was stress free during this event,” Muhammad said. “This is way better than studying and this activity made me feel great.”

Muhammad got to work on her social skills while she created her painting.

“I talked to more people tonight than I do on a day-to-day basis,” Muhammad said. “It is a goal of mine to become more interactive with the people in my environment, because you need good social skills in places such as the workplace.”