The scent of buttery popcorn is lingering. The room is illuminated only by the light of the television and on the screen, a selection is displayed. Clicking play is the obvious choice.

As the movie progresses, the lines are flawless, delivered as only a professional actor could. A truly amazing performance with no errors has been witnessed by all.

The credits have rolled and the selection screen comes back on. The curious viewer goes to extras and sees the option of the bloopers. Of course, eager to see what kind of hilarious mistakes the actors have made, the viewer is enticed to click enter.

Bloopers are the best part of a DVD. There is nothing better than watching the actors goof off and more importantly mess up. Yes, even the super humans of Hollywood make mistakes.

The pure enjoyment of watching the bloopers comes from watching someone else mess up and don’t we just love watching others do that every once in a while? It’s kind of twisted, but it’s a fact. We take pleasure when we are not the ones who flub up.

Then the time comes when we have our own screw ups. Something is said without thinking first or a decision, which we know better than to make, is made. That is when the situation turns serious and we expect no laughing. No one can possibly know that we are not perfect.

In lighthearted situations, it is amazing to see another person who can poke fun at their own mistakes and move on. However, the opposite happens quite often.

The annoying part is when someone cannot fess up to a mistake. People jump on the defensive and simply cannot admit that just maybe, they are faulted. Admitting to being wrong or less than perfect is sometimes the best thing a person can do in the midst of a mistake. The next stage is even harder to swallow.

At the end of the day, once alone with the mistakes we’ve made, regret slowly creeps in. We tell ourselves we shouldn’t have snapped at our friend or that we should have studied harder. However, it is wrong to regret those decisions we’ve made because it is those mistakes which prove we are human.

What brings further annoyance is when the same mistake is made over and over again. Why would anyone want to feel the same embarrassment, guilt or shame caused by that error? The same advice is given all the time, but it is very valid. Learn from the mistake and do everything possible to not commit it again.

This time of the year sometimes brings the most mistakes for students. Assignments are left until the last minute, A is chosen when the correct answer is B and people are on edge in anticipation of a much needed break. Take responsibility for those actions which are seen as less than pristine, but more importantly never look at them with regret because that can be an even bigger mistake.

It would be amazing to go back in time and fix the mistakes, but it is impossible. So, acknowledge it, don’t regret it and look in the mirror and realize there is a human staring back. And remember the next time when you call someone out on a mistake, just how humiliating that can feel.

It is okay to watch the bloopers and to create some along the way. The mistakes are what make us human and sometimes the measure of a truly great person, is their ability to poke fun at their own errors.