New Pizza Hut Wingstreet will be similar to Wingstreet in Arkansas City.

New Pizza Hut Wingstreet will be similar to Wingstreet in Arkansas City.

By Lea Shores
Staff reporter

What now stands as freshly plotted cement on Main Street will soon sprout an area of enjoyment and refreshment as the new Pizza Hut WingStreet.

The selected building sight, where Taco Tico once stood, is located next to the current Pizza Hut and will open doors for business this November, which is something that has been in the works for quite some time, according to Kevin Potts, Pizza Hut manager.

“We have been trying to get a new dine-in location in Winfield for nine years now, and there wouldn’t be a better place than right next to the old location,” Potts said.
Potts went on to say that the old location will become the parking lot for WingStreet.

“We are hoping that this will be a nice place to sit and enjoy each other’s company,” Potts said. “We will have great food and a great astrosphere, with televisions for all the games, with a bar to sit and enjoy your time.”

Potts, a 1988 alumnus, says that the construction of the new Pizza Hut WingStreet should be an exciting opportunity for college students because it will offer a nice place to gather and also create new job positions for those who are interested.
Though it will be another two months until completion, the buzz of a new restaurant has spread rapidly across campus. Hieu Trinh, Business administration senior, said he is excited to have more options for eating in Winfield.

“It’s good for not just the students, but the whole community of Winfield to have more than a couple places to eat. Wingstreet offers more food choices, and for me, I’m a big wing guy, so this works out well for me to have a place to get the food I want and not need to drive a distance to get it,” Trinh said.

Lea Shores, English junior, sees this new business from an employment point of view. “I worked at a Pizza Hut this summer and I think the Wingstreet will bring something new to this town that other pizza places don’t have, and it’s exciting to see it play out.”