By Jevyn Voss
Staff Reporter

Wednesday night the Southwestern College men’s soccer team hosted the Ottawa Braves on Beta Rho Mu Field. The final result of the match was a 4-0 hard fought loss to Ottawa.

Austin Sacket, senior midfielder said, “I think we played with this team. For lots of this game I think we set the tone with our intensity.”

The Moundbuilders came in with a 1-11-1 record and Ottawa 8-4.  This made the fifth straight loss to a conference opponent for the men’s soccer team.

Joseph Yeisley, head coach said, “We fought hard, we need to play smarter. We are practicing on working smarter rather than just working hard.”

Yeisley pointed out that the score did not reflect what it should have been.  “There was a missed offside call when they scored their second point,” said Yeisley about the score in the 19th minute. There was also a mishap when Southwestern’s defense allowed the third goal.

Colin Baker, senior midfielder felt as though the Builders should have had a better finish. Baker said, “We played strong but did not finish when it came time to score”

Baker had two shots in the game and one on goal.  Baker said that if they had the opportunity to get more shots on goal the game would have had a different outcome. “Their goal keeper wasn’t too strong and we didn’t do a good job of testing that.”

The builders are hoping to get their first conference win against the University of Saint Mary when they travel to Leavenworth on Saturday.