By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

Money is not the only gift people can give to others. Sometimes volunteering time is a better gift to those receiving the help.

Organizations such as Pi Gamma Mu, Tone Builders, Education Builders and Campus Players have community service projects planned for this year.

Pi Gamma Mu is conducting a voter registration for a service project.  Alyson Sparkman, psychology senior, is the president of Pi Gamma Mu. Sparkman said, “We are trying to get people registered or to voting stations.”

Tone Builders are looking into doing a canned food drive for the month of October. Erin Buster, music education senior, is president of Tone Builders.

Education Builders have a mentor reading program. April Middleton, elementary education senior, president of Education Builders. She said, “Each month we have an Education Builder volunteer to go to the SC learning center to read to students there.“

Campus Players have an open community policy for all of their productions. Arden Moon, business graduate, is president of Campus Players. She said, “9 lives have special community programs that are open to the public.”

Each organization impacts their members.

Pi Gamma Mu recognizes academic excellence within the social sciences. “Pi Gamma Mu is really good about giving back scholarships to its members,” said Sparkman.

Education Builders hosts two study sessions for education members taking the PPST and PPLT. “We also bring in graduates of the education major and current students who are doing student teaching to have an informal question and answer session with any education student not doing student teaching,” said Middleton.

Tone Builders are trying to create a community in the performing arts center. Buster said “They then want to reach out to the campus, exposing them to the arts in a fun way.”

Campus Players reenacted out a play documenting the Christy fire for the organizations 50th anniversary. “That’s something that’s really cool to think about. The history of Southwestern and how we could have been shut down because of that,” said Moon.

These organizations also host fundraisers or volunteer in the community.

Pi Gamma Mu is doing a t-shirt design contest. The design winner will be announced on the Jinx Tale. “The winning design will be put on a t-shirt and sold on campus” said Sparkman.

Education Builders focuses on volunteering rather than fundraisers. “We host Kansas Teacher of the Year in the spring where teachers who were nominated come and speak. It is open to the community,” said Middleton.

This year’s fundraiser for Campus Players is similar to that of Tone Builders.“We are going to sell concessions at the shows” said Moon.

Each group has monthly meeting where they discuss up and coming volunteer work, fundraisers, benefits for member and other member and community oriented topics.

Tone Builders host two music festivals a year. “We will be participating in more Homecoming events so we will have more of a presence on campus” said Buster.

Maggie Dunning is a freshman majoring in mass communication. You may e-mail her at