By Dalton Carver
Staff reporter

Recycling may be a difficult thing for the world to catch on to, but the Green Team is bound and determined to change that, one student at a time.

“We were contacted last year by a recycling group and we decided to hold some events,” said Sydnee Nelson, biochemistry junior. “One of those events is the recycling competition we’re holding this week.” Another event that the team hosted was the dorm energy wars a couple months ago.

The competition is between several different teams and organizations around campus, including Tri Beta, Phi Delta Theta, and Leadership. “We were hoping to get a couple more, but we got started a bit late,” said Nelson. “We’re expecting a lot more support in coming years.”

The main goal of the competition is to collect as much recycling as possible. As it’s collected, the different teams will place it in a specific place on campus for everyone to see. “There are different boxes for the different organizations,” Nelson said. “At the moment, we’re probably going to base the winner on who has the most amount of recycling visually.”

Despite the main goal of the competition to be to collect the most recycling, Green Team’s overall outcome is to raise awareness about recycling. “We really hit it hard on campus, but it’s just another thing we can do to remind students,” said Nelson.

With teams such as Tri Beta and Phi Delta Theta, Nelson expects the competition to be heated, but friendly. “I love the organizations involved,” Nelson said. “They can get really intense and they’re great teams to get this competition going.”

The Green Team expects the competition to be tighter next year. “I personally think we should do it again in the future,” said Nelson. “In ten years, we could be setting out a ton of recycling just to show that we can. Looking at it long term, it could be something very big on campus.”

Dalton Carver is a freshman majoring in communication. You can email him at