By Hayley Weston-McClain

Staff Reporter

One in four women has been raped or sexually assaulted.  This statistic is where the group One in Four gets its name. The group led a sexual assault seminar on campus Sept. 20.

Students were separated by gender, because studies show that men and women respond better to the seminar if they are separated.  By using this approach, the students who led the program could approach the sexes differently.

Nikia Smith, theatre junior, joined the group One in Four because she felt the need to get the word out about how to protect yourself and others from sexual assaults. Smith and Avree Sheppard,  communication sophomore, led the women’s portion of the seminar.

Smith and Sheppard opened with terminology of what rape is, and a video with an interview of a man who raped women. In the interview the man has a disturbing word choice; he uses words to belittle his victim to make it seem to himself that what he did was okay.

The rape victim never reported the crime, just like most women. Only 5 percent of the people raped report it to the police, making rape the least reported crime in America.

Later on in the men’s portion of the seminar, Jessie Riggs, liberal arts senior, and RJ Schnack, physical performance senior, led the program. Schnack also got involved with the group One in Four because he has had friends come to him in the past who had been sexually assaulted. He wanted to share with others how to help a friend cope with what happened, and to see the signs of sexual assault.

Riggs and Schnack opened with terminology about rape. The men, however, watched a different video which dealt with a male cop being sexually assaulted on the job. “This is what statistics show will get through to men, and be the most effective,” said Dan Falk, dean of students.

To show just how serious rape can be, Riggs and Schnack used the cop situation to compare it to a woman getting raped. This was intended to help the men to realize that even if victims know the person who raped them, it is not consensual.

There was a good turnout for both the men’s and women’s programs, about 70 students attended each session.

If students would like to join the group, One in Four, they can contact any of the members who led the seminar or email Dan Falk at

Hayley Weston-McClain is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at