By Kaleb Vining
Staff reporter

The Builders, took on the No. 7 nationally ranked Oklahoma Wesleyan Eagles on April 21, in Winfield. The Moundbuilders kept it close, but it was the Eagles who left with a win of 5-1.

The Builders are 13-13 in conference with an overall record of 18-17 this season, while the Eagles are 22-1 in conference and 37-3 overall.

Oklahoma Wesleyan ended the game with 11 hits while Southwestern trailed their total with just six hits. This set the trend for the game as the Eagles led in most of the statistics.

The Eagles committed only one error on the day while the Moundbuilders ended with two. Both teams came out even on putouts with each totaling 27.

While the difference in RBI’s was not huge, it was Oklahoma Wesleyan that came out on top with four of them to Southwestern’s one made by Jared Kiessling, senior infielder.

Another difference between the two teams’ performances was their pitching.

The Eagles had Kellen Brothers, sophomore pitcher, on the mound all afternoon. However, the Moundbuilders utilized six of their pitchers.

Cody Treach, senior pitcher, pitched the first four innings for SC, while the other innings were divided between five of the Builder’s other pitchers.

Treach only allowed four hits and three runs in his four innings on the mound. Treach was able to deliver three strikeouts as well.

“All around, the pitching staff did a pretty good job today. We just have to stick together as a team when the going gets tough,” said Treach.

Brothers helped secure the win for the Eagles allowing only six hits and one run on nine innings pitched.

Kevin Frady, head baseball coach, said that the Builders’ chances at making playoffs are looking less likely after their last loss against Friends University and this loss to the Eagles.

“The positives are, we played with a top 10 ranked team and had opportunities, but just didn’t have enough gas to get over the hump,” said Frady.

The Builders will take on the third conference ranked Tabor College Bluejays for senior day in a doubleheader on April 24. The first game is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. and the second at 3 p.m. at home in Winfield.