By Bailey VenJohn
Staff reporter

Oklahoma State basketball player, Marcus Smart, was suspended for three games after unsportsmanlike conduct in the Cowboys game against Texas Tech last Saturday.

In the final moments of OSU’s 65-61 loss Smart shoved a Texas Tech fan earning him a technical foul but not ejection from the game. Jeff Orr, the victim of Smart’s outburst, was said to of made a comment that Smart did not appreciate. It is unknown exactly what Orr said.

In a press conference Sunday evening Smart apologized. He said “I want to apologize to the fan, whose name is Jeff Orr, I want to apologize to him, my teammates, my coach. This is not how I condone myself. I just can’t let that happen again. It’s a lesson I will have to learn from. It’s all upon me, I truly apologize to all those that are important to me. I feel I let my teammates down.”

Is a three game suspension long enough or not sufficient?

In my opinion three games is the right amount of punishment for Smart’s actions. The way his coach spoke of his character and the kind of person that I portray Smart to be this was not something that he would do on the regular, or ever again.

The Cowboys were on a three game losing streak heading into the game against the Red Raiders. Prior to these three losses Oklahoma State only had three on the season.

 Smart was most likely frustrated about this down slide before being handed their fourth loss in a row. I don’t blame him for his frustration although he shouldn’t have lashed out no matter if he was tempted by a fan’s harsh words or not.

Three game suspension is long enough for him to think about what he did. I believe he is truly sorry and maybe even slightly embarrassed by his actions. He sincerely apologized and admitted to letting down his team.

Considering the kind of leader Smart is for his team, knowing he let them down would hurt him. Smart is averaging 17.5 points and 5.7 rebounds this season contributing a lot to the Cowboys success.

The three games that Smart is missing are at Texas, vs Oklahoma, and at Baylor. The game against Texas was played last night and Oklahoma State lost big, 87-68 pushing their losing streak to five.

As for the fan, Jeff Orr, I think he deserves to have a bit of punishment. Because it is not certain exactly what he said, it is hard to determine what his punishment should be.

If the fan was a season ticket holder I would suggest suspending him from the next game or two. At the least Texas Tech should address Orr and let him know they frown upon his actions and if he is to act in a similar way again he will be dismissed and possibly not be allowed to attend a game again.

Bailey VenJohn is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at