By Min Jiao
Staff reporter

Norman Ornstein is the speaker for the fourth Docking Lecture in Leadership and Public Affairs at Southwestern College. The Docking Lecture is Oct.5 in the Richardson Performing Arts Center.

Ornstein is a political scientist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington D.C. think tank. He is a long-time observer of Congress and politics. Ornstein is a member of the Advisory Board of the Future of American Democracy Foundation, a non-profit, nonpartisan foundation in partnership with Yale University Press and the Yale Center for International and Area Studies “dedicated to research and education aimed at renewing and sustaining the historic vision of American democracy.” He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Law and Politics at the University of Minnesota Law School.

“Dr. Ornstein did a lot of writing and studying of Congress and Congress is not a very effective branch of the government. He will talk about the causes of Congress ineffectiveness and why it is not better at helping solve our country’s problem,” said Dick Merriman, president.

Merriman chooses speakers along with William Docking and Thomas Docking. The Dockings provide financial support for the lecture. He said both of the Docking brothers have been active in politics in Kansas and so were their father and grandfather. “We pick speakers every year who have something to say about American politics.”

“The Docking Lecture is just a public lecture. There will be a luncheon later. We invited some students from social sciences and student government to eat lunch with Ornstein, but he is flying in and leaving for Washington D.C. later that afternoon. He will not have time to spend time with students,” said Merriman.

Michael Tessmer, professor of chemistry, said back then Docking Lecture was not important personally the lecture is now part the class and hopefully students will pay more attention to Docking Lecture.“Every campaign for president is always important. Whoever wins the election may change many things and lives of people. I hope all students will pay attention,” said Tessmer.

Merriman said the Docking lecture has brought big crowds of Southwestern students and faculty and high school students and anyone who is interesting in politics. He expects the auditorium to be crowded. He hopes many students will come.

Min Jiao is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her