by Kyle Killgore
Staff reporter

To celebrate the release of their new “No Secrets” album, the Worship Outreach program decided to host a listening party.

The listening party featured live performances of three of the songs off of the album, performed by several members of the Worship Outreach group featured on the album.

The event began at noon, with the album playing as background music. The music videos were also exhibited. The group was handing out wristbands and candy.

It was snowing outside which helped draw some students into the Java Jinx area to enjoy the listening party. However, the CDs that were meant to be available for purchase at the event were not available due to impeding weather.

“The snow made it more of a festive environment,” said Martin Rude, director of Outreach Ministries, “however, it kept our CDs from getting here.”

The group was pleased with the outcome not only of the party, but of the album as a whole.

“The songs are written by students,” said Lindsey Graber, education freshmen. “As a group we spent hours pouring ourselves into this project.”

The students weren’t the only ones who were excited about the quality of the new album.

“It is absolutely phenomenal,” said Rude, “rarely do you have this synergy of talent that comes together as we did last year and this year.”

The CD sales will benefit the students involved, with sales going towards their tour in May.

“Ideally, the students won’t have to pay anything out of pocket,” said Jordan Romines, freshman, who worked as the marketing manager for the project.

Now that the CD is finished the Worship Outreach program will concentrate their efforts on the spreading of their work.

“I’m excited to see how God uses this project for his glory,” said Graber. “To see how he uses us as vessels to spread his word. Now that everything is done and packaged I think it will really spread.”

The album is now available on iTunes for purchase HERE.

Kyle Killgore is a junior majoring in communications. You may email him at